Course Update #1

Paper Coach : Teach Yourself to Write Fiction

Phase:1, Month:4, Week:2

I'm writing to notify you that I've updated the Course. The latest version (Version 5) includes the following changes:

1. Increased focus on your work, not just exercises in the Workshop
2. Re-shuffled time and order of grammar readings. One grammar textbook dropped.
3. Added Phase Notes for Phase I
4. Added Course Description text to PDF; previously, only on the web site
5. Added a new non-fiction entry to the Readings section

I've also made a few minor changes to the site:
1. Appended a site meter to the end of the site (despite my fear it will prove depressing - go me)
2. Added www.stormwolf.com and The Adventures of George W. Bush, Dungeon Master as Favorite Sites.

I feel the need to comment on the inspirational power of Michael A. Stackpole's The Secrets. Wonderful podcasts and newsletters that really opened my eye to the (should have been obvious) fact that I'd been led astray by all these books and exercises. Thanks, in large part, to The Secrets podcasts, I've returned completing a rough draft of your work to center stage in our course.

In fact, I was so motivated by a central notion in Stackpole's writing lectures -- not to edit as you go, but to always move forward -- that I'm seriously considering changing the title of this course to "Papercoach: Write and Don't Look Back."

I highly recommend The Secrets to all of you. Check them out at www.stormwolf.com.

- Lou


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