Nugget #7: Do you agree with E.H. on this?

Paper Coach : Teach Yourself to Write (A Fiction Writing Course)

Hemingway writes in a letter:

"...the thousand reasons that interfere with a book being as good as possible are no excuses if it is not. You have to make it good and a man is a fool if he adds or takes hindrance after hindrance to being a writer when that is what he cares about. Taking refuge in domestic successes, being good to your broke friends, etc. is merely a form of quitting."
- Ernest Hemingway

What do you think? Was 'ole Ernie being harsh? Or was he right? For me, I always feel I'm caught on the edge of this question. Did I really need to do X, when I could have been writing? Or could I have written first or instead, and then done X?



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