Thoughts As I Go #5: Being There

Paper Coach : Teach Yourself to Write (A Fiction Writing Course)

Today I read another Jula Cameron-ism that resonated for me:

"...in my experience not writing is a lonely business...If I get a dose of writing in my day, then I can actually socialize with a clear conscience. I can actually be present for the life I am having rather than living in the never-never land of the nonwriting writer, that twilight place where you always 'should' be somewhere else -- writing -- so that you can never enjoy where you actually are." - Julia Cameron, The Right to Write

This reminds me of bhuddist mindfulness. It reminds me why I hate having a busy life. It reminds me that I need time to hear myself frickin' think, already!

I feel like this all the time about many things, including writing. I try so hard (or at least I feel like I do) to simplify my life, but it doesn't seem to work.

Does this resonate with any of you?


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