Thoughts As I Go #2: Stressing Out

Paper Coach : Teach Yourself to Write (A Fiction Writing Course)

I'm behind again this week (more personal crisis), but catching up. The good news is that early in the first phase it is easy to catch up. This is by design. Later, the course gets more intense (assuming I want to keep the phases roughly equal months. Maybe that's a bad idea?), which requires discipline. The idea is that an easier first phase helps writing become habitual, so that by the time I'm tackling tougher material (where it really needs to be done non-stop, no breaks, no weeks off), the regularity is there and no need to work at it. Maybe this is just silly, and I should let it take however long it takes? On the one hand, I think some discipline is required. On the other, too much pressure can turn a joyous act into a painful slog. So where is the line between too much stress and not enough?


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